DMA #5- I Fucking Love Beamish

Dontcha just hate those times

Dry spells. Always fun

I think I will make Bjorn and Cherryl regular characters. They’re fun to draw.

Really hope (though it’s not probable) that I get the fellowship this summer.

Good luck with the monologue, Jess.


Hooray For Gay Marriage

I just wanted to tell anyone who stumbled here, I am going to be a groomsman in a same-sex marriage this summer. So, that goes to show you how much of a heeeeeeeaathen I am.

Seriously though, I am very honored my friend asked me to be a part of his ceremony, and while I am heterosexual, I am proud to support the rights of homosexuals everywhere to express their commitment to the ones they care about.

Didn’t think you’d hear a cynical type say that, did ya?

Well, At Least That’s What Motivates Me

I think this describes 95% of males and 60% of females.Hells yeah, new comic. Holy fuck, the sounds in the woods are freaking me out, and I don’t even have any … um … yeah, I’m not on anything illegal.

Hey, if you happen upon my comic and like it, please tell friends about it. I want to feel important. I want the internets to love me…

Ooh, hey, more wine and gin.